Share your most pressing burden

You’ll be instantly acknowledged and cherished

for having had the guts to set it free

In the safest way…

It’s only $24.99/month to get started. You can cancel at anytime.

“My greatest fear naturally disappeared! So easy! I feel so much freer to be who I am!” Paula C.

Think about the doubt and pain you’re feeling in your life right now

Now imagine that instead of confessing to your family,

or getting judged by friends for what you think and feel,

or be given unsolicited advice and have them try to “fix” you,

you had a safe space to go to unload your burdens!


What if you had a sanctuary to vent your deepest fears and frustrations, rather than suppressing it or doing it alone?


What if you could spend 60 seconds e-mailing what’s on your heart… to me, your secret journal confidante that completely understands you, accepts you, validates you, supports you?

And within minutes you receive the answer:

“You are right. I get you. I love you.”

What a great way for you to really care for YOU, and tend to what you really feel, unapologetically.

What a great way to find relief for having expressed what you’re really feeling with no consequences!

Imagine how much of your energy that would free up for you to focus on the things you really want!

Imagine how much of your time, internal struggle and stress would that save for you?

Access this Uncage the Lioness today and you’ll also receive daily fun nuggets of support, love and virtual coaching, a confidence boost!

6 reasons to join Uncage the Lioness

Once you take care of your inner space daily, and once you learn to practice your roar in a safe space, you’ll feel a level of trust, love and understanding for you that will NATURALLY increase your confidence

You’ll walk taller and dare to express the real you in the world, with confidence and no fear of rejection or consequences … 

Opportunity to safely express when you need to.

You can always reply to the week daily e-mail and pour your joy or pain out, uncensored, raw and real. You can FUCK IT ALL if you want to, is fine! I won’t judge you, I’ll love you more!

And that’s the answer prepared for your message: “You’re right. I love you.”

You’re never going to feel alone and unheard
Improved relationship with your partner

When you allow yourself to touch those dark places in you and let them be expressed, your WHOLE VOICE gains new power and depth!

You’ll find it easier to connect, set boundaries, decide who you are and what you want your life to be like.

This clarifies and strengthen your relationship with your partner and spills into all of your relationships.

You’ll find it easier to voice your reaction and expectations and it will be easier for others to actually hear, understand and connect with you

Science based encouragement to express freely, no censor, no fear of judgement.

In the busy world, becoming busier and more demanding, I will remind you of YOU shortly, every morning. That would be one of the emails you see as you start your day and it will set your day up for more love and attention to yourself.

Although with the daily nuggets will be short, fun and to the point, only asking about 5 mins of your time on work days, I have in store for you more in depth content, in various media: audio, video, articles, Q&A. Surprises to support you, related to the messages I’m getting from you … oh, has to be fun, or we’ve done nothing!


I know that you’re not 100% satisfied with yourself

A lot of things might be going great for you. But something isn’t.

Maybe you’re not happy with your look, or maybe you are self critical for indulging in pleasures, maybe you are even afraid you’re not lovable… Maybe it’s something else entirely


You want to feel better about you


You want to be able to enjoy your plans and your relationship, you want to worry less about what could go wrong… You want to have the freedom that only being at ease with you would give you…

Think about it for a moment:

How would it feel to be at ease with

  • Your habits
  • Your body
  • Your thoughts
  • Your voice


… At ease and free to be who you are.


I know it’s possible for you.


Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now


Congratulations on that. I really mean it. Because it puts you way ahead on the game of life, and unlike most people, you’ve got a real shot at authenticity, happiness and fulfilment.


But right now, here you are. Looking for that solution. The simple thing that’s going to pull you up and cheer you on every day. The VERY thing that will consistently build your voice and confidence.

Well, I’ve got something that will help! It’s helped me! I’m sharing it right now with other people, and it’s helping them. And I’d like to share it with you. You are not alone. You don’t have to be alone.



If you decide to join me, You’ll get more confidence, more of who you are in your life. No question about it.

But the road between here and there might not be pretty. It might challenge you. Requires from you to actually dive and share.

See, I don’t believe in the “positivity attracts positivity” thing.

I don’t believe in the “Fake until you make it” thing.


I believe there’s meaning and power in everything about you. 


As a matter of fact, what really drives me to fight for people and FUELS MY PASSION is when I see how many are getting sucked into believing they should kill parts of themselves… and then they get depressed, and angry and ill…


When people exhaust their energy in attempting to control and suppress, when there is another way.

You can be so much more real and freer to be who you are and learning to USE IT ALL to your advantage!

But none of it happens overnight. You have to drill away at it, to let yourself experience, to get f off your chest … 

Put it in an e-mail and send it! Roar as you need to roar!

It will take you on a journey, where you not only get more of YOU, but your relationships improve.

Because authenticity and confidence are utterly attractive.

You won’t have to demand respect, because you will exude power…Lioness!


  • Know you want it and you leave it at that.
    You say: “Oh, that sounds great…” but never actually go for it in a determined way. I’m here to call you up on that. You build YOU by consistently investing your attention in YOU
  • yf

  • Keeping your darkness hidden in a bubble.
    Only you know about those pesky thoughts… you even hide them from yourself, using huge amounts of energy to dam up a good portion of yourself. First, you need to admit it and then…You need air it out, receive acceptance and support.
  • cf

  • Lost without a map.
    Maybe you know how you’d like to feel… but have no clue how to get there. You have plenty of enthusiasm, but many excuses, too. Here’s where even committing to Uncage the Lioness can shatter your blocks. Give yourself the gift of constant reminders and support, because you take care of you by joining the program.


Because I’ve figured out the simplest way to solve all of these problems for you using the quick and time saving email method (Unless you really want 1:1 intensive support and attention,which is 50 times more expensive and time consuming).

There’s some work involved. But I guarantee you that you’ll get further and more confident while strengthening your relationships if you join me.

Before you decide, let me answer some of the questions you might have:

13446153_1130925956973394_1705080272_oNow you might be asking

“Who is she and why

should I listen to her”

My name is Cristina Corban.

I am Bride’s iRreverent Counselor. Why iRreverent? Because often, dogma is imposed by outside authority without our agreement.

I’m on a mission to remind you of the beautiful you. To ignite, discover, uncover the brilliance that you are!

I’m on a mission to deconstruct the pile of ideas, beliefs and attitudes transferred onto you from an age, too early to remember.

I’ve always tried to do what I wanted to do.

It baffled my family and friends.

For a good while, what I wanted to do was to eradicate disease… I became a doctor…and soon, I became frustrated with the shallow approach of the conventional medicine.

I went deeper into healing and deeper into discovering my own truth… I have arrived to the understanding of the balance in all that is and I had to quit medicine.

It was a bold move that was not very well received not very well by the world around me.

I was determined to holding my ground, and I I’ve learned how much I had been defining myself based on others’ opinions of me. Would I have had a chance to for happiness if instead of looking for others’ approval, I had turned around and loved myself more?

I was willing to take the chance even though this was not a very popular topic 10 years ago.

I had to experiment. And experiment I did…almost to the extreme.

I’ve done made many changes in my life for the sake of pursuing my own truth. I started traveling. I went back to school to become an Engineer.

Back in school I have found that there was a whole group of people that don’t settle easily. People just like me that wanted it their way, and that included wanting to have FUN!

People just like you.

My colleagues were 19-20 years old at that time, what we would now refer to as millennials. The only difference between them and I was my life experience.

They counted on it and that was the time I really started to appreciate it myself. They came to me for advice, knowing they’ll would get it in a very different way than society and dogma would give it.

They feel entitled and expected to things going their way, but society, with different voices, often tells them “This is not how it works! You’re selfish! Who do you think you are?”

I have come to KNOW, from my own life experience and path, that you are not to be denied!

No one is!

If I can do whatever I want, you do can too! You can take charge of your life! of it.

With me by your side, you can make use of my experience too, so you have it easier.

The world as a whole moves in that direction anyway, and it gets easier and easier. And you all are instrumental in this change.

Let your voice be heard!

So, what’s my secret?


Some say there is no secret.

I say is in plain view and I tap in it every day, but is mostly overlooked. It is so close, so easy to trump.

All you crave and need starts within you., with being UNRESTRICTED you. 

(Those criticizing voices in your mind are not yours, BTW)


See, it was a whole journey for me to get here. And it was important for me to find people to whom to share my voice.

I realized most women don’t dare to do this, they don’t feel safe to do it in their close circle.


So I decided to create the safe space myself.


Uncage the Lioness

Together we Uncage YOU by leveraging the power of email.

  1. I reach you FAST and provide quick irreverent advice for you, reminding you of your brilliance and your beauty. 5 minutes each day! That’s all it takes.
  2. You get a safe place and a safe way to share what’s on your mind in the simplest way: reply to my e-mail.

Now I know there are other coaching programs out there. But in my experience, most group coaching programs include participating in a Facebook group, where we still wear a mask, filter what we are saying, care about who might be seeing what we let out!

Not here!

There is nothing like Uncage the Lioness!

With me, you’re safe!

There is nothing you can say that will have me fall out of love with you, out of approval for you!

I will remind you of your worth every single day! I will remind you how much I love you. Every time you share, you will receive a message back: “You’re right. I love you”.

I see you! I hear you! Underneath all the ‘stuff’ I understand you!

Even if you change your mind after 5 minutes, you are still right!

YOUR process with yourself is precious, deeply honored and witnessed by ONLY me, as you bring up your voice and build your confidence.

Subscribers of Uncage the Lioness receive:

  • Easy to follow daily, practical confidence building coaching

  • The opportunity to safely share what’s on your mind

  • Transform self criticism and free your real voice

  • Invaluable practice of dedicating at least 5 minutes a day to YOU

  • Weekly surprises and in depth tools to love yourself more

With the membership you also get exclusive discounts for 1:1 work with me, both for VIP intensive and coaching programs.


To truly understand the immediate and direct benefits of Uncage the Lioness you have to really see it for yourself.

For an extremely limited time, because I want to make it easy for the right people to join, I have decided to slash the normal price of $49.98 so you can make a decision really easily, based on what you want:

for just $24.99/month

It’s only $24.99/month to get started. You can cancel at anytime.

“My greatest fear naturally disappeared! So easy! I feel so much freer to be who I am!” Paula C.


First thing, you will get a receipt for your purchase and a welcoming message with instructions on how to use this program.
There is no contract. You’ll lock in the discounted price of $24.99 and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Short daily coaching

Safe space to express yourself

Constant reassurance of being loved

The opportunity to ask questions

Weekly session of answers and surprises

Discounted prices for all my other programs

Even though the creation of this program has been inspired by weds-to-be, I do believe healthy relationships have a solid self love basis. You are welcome to join and commit to yourself first.

– If you’re someone who has had self criticism going on and fear to express

– If paying the $24.99 won’t keep you up at night

– If you’re willing to explore, express and step into your confident self

Then this program is for you

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, when you subscribe to UL and start writing and engaging, you don’t immediately realize the immense value, while there are no refunds with this program, there are no long terms commitments either.

Simply send me an email and I’ll cancel your subscription. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

You will still receive the daily nuggets and have the ability to engage until your month expires.

Because I know that not everyone is ready to take the real steps they need to build confidence and the love for themselves …. if you don’t see the value and the potential of this unique subscription, then it’s probably not for you.

However, I’m so confident that when you start using the subscription, start to let out your voice, begin to interact with me as your secret confidante you’ll immediately realize the value it’s bringing to you and you’ll want to continue your membership. I’ll send you invoices every month, so you don’t have to fear you’ll forget about it.