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May 07

Law of Attraction, the Secret Behind The Secret

The term “Law of Attraction” has ancient roots.   In the last years “Law of Attraction” became widely known due to the movie “The Secret”, intended to be at first a an Australian TV series based on the Teachings of Abraham®, produced by Rhonda Byrne.   Rhonda Byrne and her film crew joined Esther and …

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May 03

“Steve Jobs and I” pdf-ePub eBook – Steve Jobs Biography from a Spiritual Perspective

Steve Jobs biography pdf

Would you think everything was written about Steve Jobs’ biography after all the books, eBooks, harcover, paperback, pdf’s, ePubs and mobis? I have read and listen a large number of products featuring Steve Jobs. I am fascinated about him as many are and have been. For me it became obvious at some point that his …

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Apr 08

Law Of Attraction – Guided Meditation

Law of Attraction Meditation Guide

Before I was actually studying the Law of Attraction in a consistent way, I was using breathing meditation and I know Law of Attraction IS working. Finding Abraham Hicks teachings was a rendezvous point for me. I wasn’t very found of trying to control my thoughts: my understandings to that point was that if you …

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