Steve Jobs, Law of Attraction and Cooperative Components

Since the launch of the eBook: “Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective” there has been a flood of events in my life, events that I now see is the gathering of cooperative components.

Right after the holiday leave I took for the finishing of the eBook, the work environment has changed: I’ve been moved to a new Department, where the busyness and newness gave me the feeling of contributing more, of using my abilities more fully, but also gave me a new platform from which to want more.

Funny enough, I didn’t have much time to promote eBook other than by ordering a press release. “Steve Jobs and I” biography eBook in pdf format have been the most searched for term, but given the fact that Law of Attraction works consistently, the lack of attention to the sales was also a lack in resistance toward the desire, so things moved pretty swiftly.

By far the most important inner event was the delight I had with the cooperation with Julie: the cooperation between us, the moving of ideas and skills to fulfill reciprocal places, was AMAZING!

After purchasing the “Steve Jobs and I“, she wrote about her enthusiasm for discovering another, deeper side of Steve Jobs and she offered support for editing finer aspects of the ebook. This was just the start!

Along with the editing, here comes the fulfilling of her idea of having a mean to share her insights through the Internet and here I could help! She now managed to make her own blog, discovering abilities she didn’t knew she had!

Is interesting how her abilities are not a surprise for me: I never doubted she can do it and she will do it, and I also know the gifts she has to offer are way more.

A new cooperation between us was soon to come, as the change in Department had me needing to update my resume and not only I didn’t had any desire to do it, but I was quite resistant!

Julie looked through the material I had, gave me a GRID of questions for me to fill in, and came up with a resume! She made the process so easy and her support was so much appreciated that I think she could offer this kind of services to others.

The moment she decides to offer her services, I will complete this post with links, so that cooperation moves forward.

I know the Law of Attraction will take care of this as it responded so beautifully to my enthusiasm about the book idea and creation!

Steve Jobs biography continues to inspire me and others. I know the effect of the vibration I have due to enthusiasm and appreciation for “Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective” will continue to surprise and amaze me :)

Here’s to the crazy ones, narrated by Steve Jobs



4 thoughts on “Steve Jobs, Law of Attraction and Cooperative Components

  1. As we both FEEL the Vision and surrender to the Power of the Universe through Law of Attraction, as did Steve Jobs, ANYTHING Is POSSIBLE!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the depth of my Heart for your presence, for your talent, for your focus, for your internal fortitude and Vision for MORE, for your sharing this AMAZING ebook with the world! WE ARE blessed in ALL that we ARE together Cristina and the manifestations that you have described here above is EXACTLY what this book is about! Much Appreciation and Love!

    1. Vision
      and Law of Attraction bringing in Cooperative Components:

      Inspired, loving friends

      like YOU, Julie!

      Getting to cooperate with you had to be as thrilling as the “bonding” factor: “Steve Jobs and I”

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