Joy emotionalSun is out, trees are in bloom, birds are singing, it’s time to buzz around, filled with life and joy! It is also the time for the spring cleaning, to bring space and harmony into our lives, whether it is about our space or bodies.

The call for life is there, but sometimes our feet are heavy, mind is slow and a weakness might remind us of the spring asthenia that comes with the change in seasons. While spring cleaning has an immediate effect on our overall wellbeing, the deeper cleanse addresses the body, emotions and the mind, reverberating into our outside world.

How do we rejuvenate our being for the spring? We’re interested in diets and detox programs to prepare for the summer, we take care of what we think and express, but what do we do with our emotions? What about an emotional spring cleansing?

Negative Emotions are stored in the body in form of pain and tensions

A lot of work is done with nurturing the inner child, or shadow work that addresses our emotions formed early in the childhood. Those experiences that cannot be integrated consciously and are stored within the physical and emotional body’s memory, in an implicit form. The explicit memory forms around age of 3 years old with the development of the hippocampus area of our brain, but implicit memory belongs to amygdala and remembers from birth and even before in a non-chronological order. The unconscious implicit memory is expressed emotionally and viscerally. There is a wide spectrum of experiences that can trigger the same tension area in the body and we might find that area triggered time and time again by different situations, with the same emotional flavor.

The Hawaiian healing tradition sees the early childhood experiences as being stored in “black bags” and then released at a time when the being is equipped to deal with those emotions. There is a coordination between the super conscious, conscious and unconscious mind to bring to the surface, heal and extract the benefits from all experiences, including the traumatic ones.

Holding in and denying negative emotions is like hiding the garbage behind the door: soon it will start to stink! Acknowledging and dealing with the emotional tension in the body invites balance and produces healing in many areas, from body wellness to relationship and life wellness: all intersects and centers within our bodies.

Gracious Emotional Cleansing

Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy of Harvard studied the connection between body attitude and emotional and hormonal response. Not only does our mind influence the body, but the body does influence the mind and emotions as well. The response can be quantified by measuring stress hormones.

By addressing the body’s need we can release and relieve the emotional baggage, the black bags from childhood, that’s on our doorstep, to leave.

Here are a couple of action steps you can take to help clear tensions and negative emotions:

  • hugging
  • massage
  • reflexology
  • Reiki
  • long walks
  • meditation
  • conscious deep breathing.

Having a pet always helps, regardless of the season! Pet that cat!

In my practice I had witnessed endless proof of how integrating the emotions relieve pain, whether is physical or emotional.

Here’s what Jamie Rosetti said about her physical pain after the Joy Factor group meditation: “My injured knee hurt and next day after the Joy Factor the pain was gone! I believe people that are open minded will greatly benefit from this”

Emotional pain: “Dr. Cristina Corban’s Energy Package far exceeded my expectation.  It allowed me to gracefully move quickly through the trauma of the death of my husband.  I can’t explain it, but I know that my grief process was and still feels minimal.”  Linda B.

When you do the emotional cleansing, new dimensions are opening up for your experience;

“I got reconnected with my inner self. Dr. Cristina helped me to get back in touch with ME and my feelings. As a result I relearned how to love myself, take care of myself and be there for me. I learned to listen to the language of my body again, receiving information and colors.

If you are looking for help to get back in touch with your inner self or are interested in getting balanced, grounded and open your heart, I recommend Dr. Cristina Corban’s programs” Sabina O.

What is Your plan for this Spring?

Now the question is, are you willing to receive the gifts your body has in store? How are you going to connect and love ALL of you?

Just breathe in deeply and that’s a perfect start! Get yourself some flowers, give yourself the gift of healing in any way is accessible to you and give thanks to YOU for being vital and alive this Spring!

Healthy Tips:

  1. 15 Minutes daily meditation: it improves your brain function, enhances creativity, boosts immunity, reduces your stress, increases your connectedness with your essence and everything else.
  2. Slow down – allow “non-productive time”, respect your seasons, take it easy, there’s no rush