External is my relationship with everyone else.

The who I really am shines powerfully and is unite! We are more alike than different.

The closest ones are the ones that we love, spend time, money, energy, and we get so much in the details of their lives and in the details of our lives with them, that it contributes mightily to the illusion and separation. We seek approval and harmony with those around us, and not only the harmony is inherent, but we are not separate in essence!

We use these relationship in order to amplify the realness  Attraction Relationshipsof our illusion!


I can thank them, as much as I thank me,the Master Traveler and Illusionist!


Our separation served such an important purpose in diving into this earthly dimension!


But now, I don’t have to go deeper, I want and desire to bring myself together! To awaken to the real reality, while still  enjoying this plane!


From this premise, I know that I am one, in essence one with everyone else that is living or that have ever lived. The ones fizzy on this plane bring their part, or better still, my expectation is such that I expect them to expect ourselves to be different! For the joy of the game! Is like, if you play chess by yourself, pretending to be 2, wouldn’t it be nice if you’d forget that you are one, and to act like two different persons, with different skills?!?!


Oh, but when you release the illusion, and you encounter “the other” and the rendezvous is meaningful and delicious!


That is the incredible benefit that this game allowed us to feel! Not only the joy of playing and defining ourselves through others, but the new feeling when we come back to knowing the Truth! From this stand, I look around me, see the others and I feel the love that source feels for me! I look at you, I love you as the whole of me loves me! This is so good!


I need nothing more general than this to put myself in a very good feeling place!


From this place I can look around, let the separation vibration come up, if they exist, and remind myself only this piece in order to close the gap between me and Me!


So many insights come!


Is like I give birth to this world and to all the people each moment, each now!

I birth them and the circumstances, based on the separation vibrations that I have going on. They present themselves to me based on how close I am of who I really am!

I can know the gap between me and ME by looking at how close the reality I perceive/project is in line with the whole of who I am:

  • The unconditional love that I am
  • The appreciation and delight for everything
  • The way people interact with me
  • The perceiving of the perfect timing that is always mine
  • The love, interest, joy that I see in those around me
  • The abundance in everything that I am
  • The abundance that require nothing of me, other than knowing who I am


Would it be different to create the projection of a castle than the projection of a button, when I made up the whole Universe, the planets, the Earth spinning in its orbit, the perfect environment for this experience, all the people, critters, plants, rivers, oceans, beauty, balance and harmony???


Is the same!



The abundance that require nothing of me, other than knowing who I am



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