You finally found it… the missing piece to a perfect wedding plan

You’ve got THE Complete Checklist (Thanks, Hubpages!) for your wedding plan, the timeline and all, and it looks great … at first…

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“The Secret” Wedding Planning Tip no one talks about: Adding HAPPY to the Plan! 

Is there a way to actually plan for a JOYFUL Wedding?

There is a secret in planning your wedding, no one talks about…

I mean yes, you want to have a happy wedding with family and friends and stuff…

but is there ANYTHING that can really make a difference in how you feel and look other than makeup and flowers?

Here’s the thing: HOW you feel matters MOST!

You know when you’re at your best, colors are brighter, kisses taste better, your skin is glowing and strangers on the street turn their heads for you!

And that has to be your number one priority when planning your wedding!

What in your planning takes care of your emotional well being, to make sure that instead of freaking out you’ll make your wedding day the memorable event

where you shine fully as YOU,


in control of yourself first,

beacon of beauty shining your dress rather than looking forward to get over with it and start living?

So, now you KNOW: take care of how you feel and PUT IT IN YOUR SCHEDULE! Don’t leave it to “I’ll do that later” category!

Don’t forget to put it in your plan. If you have it in your schedule, you won’t feel like “I can’t give myself a break now … there’s too much on my plate”

Practical ways to include “The Secret” into your wedding plan

  • scheduled daily time for yourself, even something like 10 minutes daily meditations,
  • you can plan a rejuvenating time before the Big Day, when you give yourself the time to ground yourself, to take care of showing up fully and happy for the wedding day and for your family life.
  • employ support like groups and coaching


Don’t Make These 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes!

Add Joy to your Wedding Plan!

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First thing really, is to KNOW about it and to schedule care for YOU whether you’re doing it yourself or allow others to support you.

Let me know in the comments below in which stage of the tale you are now:

Month 1, excitement is riding high… sun and rainbows… sketching out the plan and exploring options is just so much fun.

Month 3, clouds start rolling in, complications rear their ugly heads… and you asking yourself why having things “your way” is starting to look so problematic – it’s your big day after all.

Month 6, dark skies, you’re swimming in drama, this wedding planning is heavy, you’ve had to make compromises “just to make it through”

Month 9, your world is turned upside down… the excitement is gone, and instead of

“oh, I just can’t wait until our wedding day on Sunday”


“Just gotta make it til Monday… then I can sleep…”


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And we will find out how to add Joy to your Wedding Plan!

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