Law of Attraction Success Stories

It might be that when you hear about Law of Attraction and Success Stories to have a particular idea in your mind…worth to look at what comes first in your mind :)


Although success could mean relationships, money, lifestyle, the root of it is not external, but is the feeling of well-being!

This feeling of well-being is attainable without or even despite of external factors: is the pure alignment or coherence with the Source, with the “Kingdom of Heaven” that resides within, as all the Masters taught us.

Inner coherence, trust, love, the general feeling of Well-being is a signal that vibrates: Law of Attraction brings together all the components of the same vibration and the Success Stories are born!

There is no faster manifestation of success other than the flow of Love though you, the flow of accepting and understanding that All is Well! This feeling lays a foundation, based on Truth. Upon this foundation, upon this Grid, the Law of attraction gathers together first ideas, then rendezvous with other people on the same vibration, opportunities and events that become visible on the outside as Success. By the time is seen by others, it feels already like past tense!



Law of Attraction, Success Stories, Empower Network and The Secret


World Wide Web has been taken by storm with Empower Network blog platform! My desire for my own business brought me in the vicinity of it and I made my entrance  into a rather new world: blogging, Internet and network marketing.

I could feel I was “ripe” for it and this is a “proof” of Law of Attraction Success Story!

I have recently heard Abraham speaking about the readiness of the components in the rendezvous. Joining in Empower Network put me in the perfect place of rendezvousing with PEOPLE who know Internet Marketing,  people who attempted, failed, persevered, succeeded in this field. Those were the people who managed to make THOUSANDS of dollars in days and weeks of Empower Network’s life!

In this setting, after a short while, few hundred dollars revenue in Empower Network would seem “not enough”!

The secret of enormous financially success of some people with Empower Network is because they have been aligned already with the idea of making money online, they had the “leads”, the experience and the tools to call many others into this opportunity.

With this kind of thinking is obvious Law of Attraction cannot gather Success Story: it will gather the match of the vibrational offering!

Looking from a more general point of view, I can see the bigness of the opportunity for “newbies” to make money online! I can see the power a community can add for the one who just gets started! Is obvious that without this would have taken me longer to figure out the right tools.

When I understand that Internet marketing and business are ONLY few years old, I can really put into perspective and see that I have successfully started from the beginning! I can understand the value of what I have learned in the last months.

For me, Law of Attraction Success Story is that I am now able to guide and help others succeed! I love flowing my Energy here, uplifting myself first and understanding the perfectness of the moment, the power of the experience, the value in the contrast that makes me look for such good feeling thoughts! I feel good and I KNOW this is the Law of Attraction will add up to the SUCCESS I’m already feeling!



P.S. Check out what I’ve been reading lately: ” The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships”  by Esther and Jerry Hicks!  After the Guided Meditation and Abe Groups on FB, reading this book aligns me so delicious?

P.P.S. The Vortex got me! I also LOVE the COVER of that book!

Up and hiGH!















About the author: Cristina Corban has a keen interest in laws of physics and metaphysics. With is lifetime passion it was natural that Law of Attraction, Success and Empower would be the topics of her writings, always seeking joy, uplifting herself and those around her.






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