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Law of Attraction at Work: An American’s Day in Valeni, Romania

Setting: a small town in Romania. Actors: me, Michael (the American) and some other surprising participants.

What put us together: Law of Attraction


Is Wednesday morning and we… Continue reading

More on the human-pipe (MasterMind):

If you are where you are and you want more, you’re not yet the vib of your desire. The more asks for MORE of YOU (your innnerbeing) to flow through.

But the one you are… Continue reading

External is my relationship with everyone else.

The who I really am shines powerfully and is unite! We are more alike than different.

The closest ones are the ones that we love, spend time, money, energy, and we get so… Continue reading

If there is a secret to becoming enlighten, then Abraham nailed it:

“You gotta chill out, you gotta like yourself more,

you gotta be kinder to yourself and others,

you gotta laugh more, you gotta play more,

you gotta make… Continue reading

It has been a while since posting on Law of Attraction blog. The writing and releasing of “Steve Jobs and I” launched me on a different platform: the enthusiasm, the alignment with myself and my Vortex of creation with such… Continue reading

Since the launch of the eBook: “Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective” there has been a flood of events in my life, events that I now see is the gathering of cooperative components.

Right after the holiday leave… Continue reading

The term “Law of Attraction” has ancient roots.


In the last years “Law of Attraction” became widely known due to the movie “The Secret”, intended to be at first a an Australian TV series based on the Teachings… Continue reading

Would you think everything was written about Steve Jobs’ biography after all the books, eBooks, harcover, paperback, pdf’s, ePubs and mobis? I have read and listen a large number of products featuring Steve Jobs. I am fascinated about him as… Continue reading

I’m happy to announce you the release of my new book:

Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective 

Brimming with brilliance, passion and energy, Steve Jobs was also known for his deep spiritual life. In” Steve Jobs… Continue reading

Settings: Saturday, lots of time to do whatever I want, beautiful scenery outside, beautiful people inside and me contemplating Law of attraction, the Vortex and the gap.


Getting to the bottom of the primary desire means to feel in… Continue reading