Thank you for joining me in this series of videos with the purpose of laying the Joy Foundation.

In this first video I would invite you to contemplate, remember, admire and focus on the perfection of nature.

Allow your attention to focus on a tree…contemplate the leaves, remember the cells, their interconnectedness and the connection with the rest of the tree… contemplate the invisible atomic worlds that hold enormous energy and balance

and now zoom out in space….recognize the patterns, the balance and the overall design and intelligence that governs everything in nature

beauty power, balance, abundance intelligence

come back to earth, see its blue beauty and balance, acknowledge the water, the oceans, the unique beauty in snow flakes…

The design and intelligence that governs nature is at play in your life as well. You are connected with everything, in perfect harmony ALL the time, your essence is love and joy and you have chosen to experience this earthly plane with purpose and intention.

THANK YOU for choosing to tune into Joy Foundation! See you in the next video where we will explore what’s up with pain, suffering and ego. I just got it and is SOOO AWESOME!!! see you soon!

I LOVE you!