After contemplating the perfection of nature, today will see how this divine intelligence is at play in your life as well, and is nothing else than your divine self.

Have you noticed how diligently a child builds their ego, co-creating with the parents and the environment? It take quite a while, too!

We are so much more than what we express on this earthly plane! We are unique expressions of the Infinite and we come in this life with the intention to experience and change the environment of our choice.

Let’s say you’d be considering the adventure on planet Earth. If you look at a combination of time, space, mass consciousness, country, people, family and you know your essence, then you pretty much can see the trajectory of your life experience and the potential changes you can make into the environment of your choice.

Once you tip your essence into this plane, you have to take first things first: you want to get a visceral knowing of your environment and the best way to do it, is to experience it ON yourself.

You don’t put its shoes on and walk a mile, you envelop yourself into it’s DNA, atoms, particles and you form the physical body

and you envelop into its beliefs and politics, forming the mental body

and you also pick up on moods and attitudes that form your emotional body.

You take on ALL of these, form the ego to get to KNOW and fit into the world you came to play in. It takes years to develop this melding and as the ego gets thicker and thicker, your bright child essence shines less and your joy and playfulness decreases. This is where you really KNOW this plane and you are now ready to transform it! From the inside, out!

And LIFE, the overALL you, guides you perfectly!

When you finished forming your ego, is right about time to venture on your own, and it seems that life goes against you. Would that be possible in this highly intelligent world, or is it that life calls you into transforming the layers you’ve taken on with purpose, that prevents you from seeing in alignment with your true nature?

JOY calls you and you seek…in seeking joy, what you are looking for actually, is alignment with your true essence and in order to find that soothing alignment, you change the way you look at things… the way the environment taught you, makes you suffer.

Pain and suffering is nothing else than the visceral sensations you have when you are away from your essence! You are holding a perspective that is misaligned with who you are.

Any time you manage to change your perspective and soothe yourself, you get closer to who you are. And anytime you do it, you change not only the filters and beliefs you have taken on from the environment, but you also change the global consciousness. Your filters get thinner and thinner and your essence shines more and more into this plane of your choice.

The inner crisis asks for alignment with your true self and by seeking that which you are, JOY, you transform the world and enrich your experience.

We are all adventurers, especially in this time of awakening. The Awakening of a planet starts from within each adventurer and we are doing an awesome job.

I am so curious to receive your ideas about this subject!

Do you know yourself as Joy?