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Law of Attraction at Work: An American’s Day in Valeni, Romania

Law of Attraction at Work: An American’s Day in Valeni, Romania

Setting: a small town in Romania. Actors: me, Michael (the American) and some other surprising participants.

What put us together: Law of Attraction


Is Wednesday morning and we are having the coffee in the garden. I’m surfing the web and Michael is writing an e-mail to his beloved sister. All of the sudden, he starts laughing at his own writing and shares with me how his e-mail went from “serious matters” to the acute awareness of what was surrounding him.

He allowed me to share this with you, all:


“… oh… just noticed caps were on… LOL.  A hen is laying an egg now as I write and it is most distracting.  Cluck cluck cluck… baaaaawauck… cluck cluck cluck basaawwauck… oh Gawd please lay that damn egg!…. ….. …. finally… a hot egg is ready for eating!  Oh no… here goes a second hen… cluck cluck cluck baaaawauck… cluck cluck cluck basswauck… I may shoot it… OK… it stopped now… Oh Gawd… the Rooster is now Cauck Cauck Adooooooooo…. cauck cauck Adoooooooo… he is so proud of his doings…



Such is the life here in the back yard… we bought one of those really nice pavilion tents with netting and all. Double venting at the top. Very comfortable and an outdoor set with 4 chairs and a rocker (for Cristina)… it is heaven out here at night, we drink our newly found Romanian wine that gives no hangover… and it great tasting and cheap… 9 bucks. We read and play the market on the computer and just chat.


Now to the news… last night we walked over to the lot we are thinking of buying that overlooks the river and hills. A milk farmer was just leaving the lot with his 4 cows (yes this really happens here) they were eating the rich wild flowers and herbs and tons of grass. He… not the cow… told us, the hill was an old dump and that the final 10 ft was dirt dumped on top of it. Hmmmmmm… so that is why is was only 15K. We will need to get it checked out for stability before buying it.


Then we walked down to the river and let Argo (our 3 month old puppy) romp in the waters edge… he was so cute and very timed about getting too deep. Good boy Argo… I did not want to go swimming in that cold water! As we were leaving we…err… Argo… noticed four very young puppies by a big old tree… three were hiding and one was standing his ground and not being bullied by the bigger Argo… they must have been a month or less old… yes… someone had dumped them in the park… a whole other story that happens here often… I went over and petted the little brave soul and started home… to our surprise.. this little boy was following us home… he just knew I would take him in… we live over a half mile away and have to walk through some very big street dog areas… the big dogs were barking so loud and this little one cried loudly with fear… cowered at times in total fears as teeth were gnarled and voluminous barks even made me fain the possible demise of this little dog… but his cries were heeded as he crawled then ran at full puppy speed past the big dogs… all the time Argo was pulling at his leash to get to know him… he kept following us with his tail wagging… like HE KNEW… he was HOME! As we got to our home gate.. he walked in like it was HIS… we all fell in love from the first happy meeting and yes… he is… with all of our hearts… HOME!


Argo and he play like little siblings and Argo being a German Shepard and “What’s his name” is a plain old mutt! Probable no more that 20 pounds at full grown! They are barking and biting and rolling around and if either of them survive.. no… if we survive this day… it will surely be a miracle!


Have fun on your trip and remember… this is all for our experience… It’s done… It’s done… It’s done… as we keep our hearts pure… It’s done… as we love unconditionally… it’s done… as we believe and give and share and live and laugh at all the things… especially those that we think are to challenge the very fiber of our being… It’s done… done… done! The Spirit of Love is the way… It’s done!


Love you,






External is my relationship with everyone else.

The who I really am shines powerfully and is unite! We are more alike than different.

The closest ones are the ones that we love, spend time, money, energy, and we get so much in the details of their lives and in the details of our lives with them, that it contributes mightily to the illusion and separation. We seek approval and harmony with those around us, and not only the harmony is inherent, but we are not separate in essence!

We use these relationship in order to amplify the realness  Attraction Relationshipsof our illusion!


I can thank them, as much as I thank me,the Master Traveler and Illusionist!


Our separation served such an important purpose in diving into this earthly dimension!


But now, I don’t have to go deeper, I want and desire to bring myself together! To awaken to the real reality, while still  enjoying this plane!


From this premise, I know that I am one, in essence one with everyone else that is living or that have ever lived. The ones fizzy on this plane bring their part, or better still, my expectation is such that I expect them to expect ourselves to be different! For the joy of the game! Is like, if you play chess by yourself, pretending to be 2, wouldn’t it be nice if you’d forget that you are one, and to act like two different persons, with different skills?!?!


Oh, but when you release the illusion, and you encounter “the other” and the rendezvous is meaningful and delicious!


That is the incredible benefit that this game allowed us to feel! Not only the joy of playing and defining ourselves through others, but the new feeling when we come back to knowing the Truth! From this stand, I look around me, see the others and I feel the love that source feels for me! I look at you, I love you as the whole of me loves me! This is so good!


I need nothing more general than this to put myself in a very good feeling place!


From this place I can look around, let the separation vibration come up, if they exist, and remind myself only this piece in order to close the gap between me and Me!


So many insights come!


Is like I give birth to this world and to all the people each moment, each now!

I birth them and the circumstances, based on the separation vibrations that I have going on. They present themselves to me based on how close I am of who I really am!

I can know the gap between me and ME by looking at how close the reality I perceive/project is in line with the whole of who I am:

  • The unconditional love that I am
  • The appreciation and delight for everything
  • The way people interact with me
  • The perceiving of the perfect timing that is always mine
  • The love, interest, joy that I see in those around me
  • The abundance in everything that I am
  • The abundance that require nothing of me, other than knowing who I am


Would it be different to create the projection of a castle than the projection of a button, when I made up the whole Universe, the planets, the Earth spinning in its orbit, the perfect environment for this experience, all the people, critters, plants, rivers, oceans, beauty, balance and harmony???


Is the same!



The abundance that require nothing of me, other than knowing who I am

Enlightenment Secret

If there is a secret to becoming enlighten, then Abraham nailed it:

“You gotta chill out, you gotta like yourself more,

you gotta be kinder to yourself and others,

you gotta laugh more, you gotta play more,

you gotta make less work out of things,

you gotta lighten up,

you gotta kick up some dust and you gotta GET OUTSIDE MORE,

you gotta get outside more and BREATHE more deeply


bask in the deliciousness of the planet more and spend more time with the furry little critters of your planet who already KNOW wellbeing.
You just sit, if you’ll just sit and pet your cat or somebody’s cat, FIND A CAT FOR GOD’S SAKE or ANYTHING furry and let it train you into a frequency that will cause you to allow ENLIGHTENMENT”

Abraham LIVE, Los Angeles 14.7.2012

law of Attraction


Allowing and Law of Attraction

It has been a while since posting on Law of Attraction blog. The writing and releasing of “Steve Jobs and I” launched me on a different platform: the enthusiasm, the alignment with myself and my Vortex of creation with such power affected other parts of my life as well (see “Law of Attraction and Cooperative Components”)

Last week’s job had been a GeoConference in Belgrade. I felt such joy visiting this beautiful city! What can be better than attending interesting lectures, meeting people from all around Europe, going out and enjoying the special places of Belgrade? Did I mention the parties? :)))

I was supposed to come back after few days, but a “miracle” happened and my visit was extended… just enough to get to visit Nikola Tesla museum!

The visit inspired me to think of the next ebook: “Nikola Tesla from Law of Attraction’s Perspective”.

I was so delighted with the cooperation that led to this visit to Tesla museum! The inventions, the motion forward that Tesla’s ideas provided for humanity, the focus and vision that he held in his imagination, all of these speak of genius. Genius is, in Abraham’s Teachings, the focus on a subject, which Tesla cultivated on purpose.

All in all, here I am, after almost half an year of learning and applying Internet Marketing, after writing “Steve Jobs and I” and the shift in my job…here I am silent, calm, almost without desires. Without the desire to DO anything!

I am in this general place from where I don’t care much :))

Law of Attraction

Steve Jobs, Law of Attraction and Cooperative Components

Since the launch of the eBook: “Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective” there has been a flood of events in my life, events that I now see is the gathering of cooperative components.

Right after the holiday leave I took for the finishing of the eBook, the work environment has changed: I’ve been moved to a new Department, where the busyness and newness gave me the feeling of contributing more, of using my abilities more fully, but also gave me a new platform from which to want more.

Funny enough, I didn’t have much time to promote eBook other than by ordering a press release. “Steve Jobs and I” biography eBook in pdf format have been the most searched for term, but given the fact that Law of Attraction works consistently, the lack of attention to the sales was also a lack in resistance toward the desire, so things moved pretty swiftly.

By far the most important inner event was the delight I had with the cooperation with Julie: the cooperation between us, the moving of ideas and skills to fulfill reciprocal places, was AMAZING!

After purchasing the “Steve Jobs and I“, she wrote about her enthusiasm for discovering another, deeper side of Steve Jobs and she offered support for editing finer aspects of the ebook. This was just the start!

Along with the editing, here comes the fulfilling of her idea of having a mean to share her insights through the Internet and here I could help! She now managed to make her own blog, discovering abilities she didn’t knew she had!

Is interesting how her abilities are not a surprise for me: I never doubted she can do it and she will do it, and I also know the gifts she has to offer are way more.

A new cooperation between us was soon to come, as the change in Department had me needing to update my resume and not only I didn’t had any desire to do it, but I was quite resistant!

Julie looked through the material I had, gave me a GRID of questions for me to fill in, and came up with a resume! She made the process so easy and her support was so much appreciated that I think she could offer this kind of services to others.

The moment she decides to offer her services, I will complete this post with links, so that cooperation moves forward.

I know the Law of Attraction will take care of this as it responded so beautifully to my enthusiasm about the book idea and creation!

Steve Jobs biography continues to inspire me and others. I know the effect of the vibration I have due to enthusiasm and appreciation for “Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective” will continue to surprise and amaze me :)

Here’s to the crazy ones, narrated by Steve Jobs

Law of Attraction, the Secret Behind The Secret

The term “Law of Attraction” has ancient roots.


In the last years “Law of Attraction” became widely known due to the movie “The Secret”, intended to be at first a an Australian TV series based on the Teachings of Abraham®, produced by Rhonda Byrne.


Rhonda Byrne and her film crew joined Esther and Jerry Hicks on board of 2005 Alaskan Law of Attraction cruise,  where they gather the material used as the foundation for the original version of the phenomenally successful movie “The Secret”.



Abraham and Esther Hicks do not appear in the revised version of the movie; they can only be seen in the original version of it. Abraham called it to be “The Secret behind the Secret”: understanding the vibrational nature of our Being and the relationship with our Source, our broader perspective gives us the real meaning of our emotions, the understanding that negative emotions reflects our own “separation” from the perspective Source within us has.


It might be that a large public would not yet been ready for the “Real Secret”: our relationship with the Source within. Rhonda Byrne and movie “The Secret” played the catalyst role of bringing an awareness of Abraham’s basic Law of Attraction concepts to the world.

You can read how this concept applies to someone’s life in “Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective” 

The desire gave birth to the dream, and someone had considered that to be possible. Every desire bears its completion; the question is whether the dreamer believes in the desire or not. Steve Jobs pronounced possible many ideas others considered to be impossible and this was his genius. His vision gathered around ideas, people, materials that would detail the most wonderful products we’ve seen in technology.

Steve Jobs and I


 Law of Attraction, The Secret and the Teachings of Abraham®

Abraham teaches that the creation process happens in 3 steps:

-first step is ASK. We ask not with our words, but with our vibration. When we know what we do not want, we define more clearly what we do want, from the unique onto the the Universe personal perspective!

-second step is: Source Becomes what we ask for!. The broader part of us BECOMES the fulfillment of that desire.

– the third step is to ALLOW, ALIGN with the Desire!


Law of Attraction, The Secret


Not with the struggle, but with the allowing that which is already hold by Source will revel itself into your life.



Having laid the foundation for this page, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation for Ester and Jerry Hicks’s work.





“Welcome to Planet Earth; You Are Here to Seek Joy . . .


If we were talking to you on your first day here, we would say, “Welcome to planet Earth. There is nothing that you cannot be or do or have. And your work here—your lifetime career—is to seek joy. “As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who- you-real y-are. And in doing so, you will utilize your profound freedom. Seek joy first, and al of the growth that you could ever imagine wil come joyously and abundantly unto you.”


From “Money & The Law of Attraction Cards”, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Publisher: Hay House (April 1, 2009)


“I Can Earn Money by Doing What I Love to Do . . .


As you practice your more positive, better-feeling story, in time your pleasure will become the dominant vibration within you; and then as you couple your pleasure with your means of earning, the two will blend perfectly and enhance each other. There is no better way to earn money than to do the things you love to do. Money can flow into your experience through endless avenues. It is not the choice of the craft that limits the money that flows—but only your attitude toward money.”


From “Money & The Law of Attraction Cards”, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Publisher: Hay House (April 1, 2009)



” The Universal Law of Attraction Defined


The Law of Attraction says: The essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn. And while this may seem like a rather simple statement, it defines the most powerful Law in the Universe—the Law that affects all things at all times—for nothing exists that is unaffected by this powerful Law.


“THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Cards”, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Publisher: Hay House (March 1, 2008)



 “I Am a Magnet, Attracting Unto Myself


Without exception, what you give thought to (wanted or unwanted), you begin to invite into your experience. See yourself as a magnet attracting unto you the essence of whatever you are thinking and feeling. For example, if you feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity. . . . It defies the Law.”


“THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Cards”, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Publisher: Hay House (March 1, 2008)




My Inner Being Guides Me Through My Emotions


While you are, indeed, a wondrous physical creator, you exist, simultaneously, in another dimension. There is a part of you—your Inner Being—that exists in this physical body, and your guiding emotions are your physical indication of your relationship with your Inner Being.”


“THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Cards”, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Publisher: Hay House (March 1, 2008)



 ” I Get What I Think about—Wanted or Not


It makes no difference whether you want the specifics of it or not; it is the vibrational essence of the subject of your attention that is being attracted. That which you really, really want, you get—and that which you really, really do not want, you get.”


“THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Cards”, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Publisher: Hay House (March 1, 2008)



“The Physical Me Is Materialized Spirit . . .


Some say that you should not want money at all because the desire for money is materialistic and not Spiritual. But we want you to remember that you are here in this very physical world where Spirit has materialized. You cannot separate yourself from the aspect of yourself that is Spiritual, and while you are here in these bodies, you cannot separate yourselves from that which is physical or material. All of the magnificent things of a physical nature that are surrounding you are Spiritual in nature.”


From “Money & The Law of Attraction Cards”, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Publisher: Hay House (April 1, 2009)



“I Can Make a Career of Living Happily Ever After . . .


Avery good career choice would be to gravitate toward those activities and to embrace those desires that harmonize with your core intentions, which are freedom and growth—and joy. Make a “career” of living a happy life rather than trying to find work that will produce enough income that you can do things with your money that will then make you happy. When feeling happy is of paramount importance to you—and what you do “for a living” makes you happy—you have found the best of all combinations.”


From “Money & The Law of Attraction Cards”, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Publisher: Hay House (April 1, 2009)


See you In The Vortex,





“Steve Jobs and I” pdf-ePub eBook – Steve Jobs Biography from a Spiritual Perspective

Would you think everything was written about Steve Jobs’ biography after all the books, eBooks, harcover, paperback, pdf’s, ePubs and mobis? I have read and listen a large number of products featuring Steve Jobs. I am fascinated about him as many are and have been. For me it became obvious at some point that his life was the offspring of ongoing spiritual search.

Steve Jobs biography pdf

He kept this spiritual search for himself. In an interview he responded that his purpose in life is enlightenment, but he underlined that this is a private matter. Probably this is why there were no ebooks, pdf or other formats, focused on Steve Jobs biography from a spiritual point of view…

Steve Jobs Quote: (on what is his goal in life) I don’t know how to answer you. In the broadest context, the goal is to seek enlightenment — however you define it. But these are private things. I don’t want to talk about this kind of stuff.” Rolling Stone, Jun. 16 1994


The purpose of the book  “Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective is to search for and put into perspective the importance of Steve’s spirituality.

Steve used to meditate everyday. In his youth he was working night-shift at Atari, meditate in the mornings and evenings and during the day he would stop by at Stanford, dropping in classes he preferred.

He picked up the interest in Eastern Spirituality and classes that would interest him while in Reed College.

The way he describes the meditation is so accurate:

Coming back after seven months in Indian villages, I saw the craziness of the Western world as well as its capacity for rational thought. If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there’s room to hear more subtle things—that’s when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before. It’s a discipline; you have to practice it.

Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective” goes deeper into the significance of Steve’s family life, his youth and the Sixties as well into Steve’s ability to focus and distort reality. These abilities were honed carefully by him, as he understood how to focus energy solely on what he wanted to see…Eventually he made us all see some of the vision he had for the world.

To purchase the book “Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction perspective” in pdf, click HERE


Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s perspective

I’m happy to announce you the release of my new book:

Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective 

Brimming with brilliance, passion and energy, Steve Jobs was also known for his deep spiritual life. In” Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s perspective”  I apply the Law of Attraction’s principles to view Steve Jobs’ life, here and there a little bit of my own life and conclude with how everything makes sense from this perspective.

An excerpt from the book: “The desire gave birth to the dream, and someone had considered that to be possible. Every desire bears its completion; the question is whether the dreamer believes in the desire or not. Steve Jobs pronounced possible many ideas others considered to be impossible and this was his genius. His vision gathered around ideas, people, materials that would detail the most wonderful products we’ve seen in technology.

Steve’s Standford Commencement Address 2005 inspires me each time I hear it :


My vision meets his, as I am embarking on creating this e-book, which I am “putting out there”; thanks to technology, vision, tools, virtual bookstores and you, meeting up in virtual spaces, sharing ideas way more easily than it would have been if I had to cut a real tree, make a real book, hire a ship to cross the oceans so that my book reaches you.

Einstein: “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.” Moral Decay (1937)”

This perspective  on Steve Jobs’ biography can be found here, in pdf or ePub:

Steve Jobs Law of Atrtaction Anita’s review on Lulu:

There are many, many books out there about the Law of Attraction and I’ve read my fair share, all very interesting but all very similar.
“Steve Jobs and i: From The Law of Attraction’s perspective” combines this fascinating topic with one of the world’s most charismatic businessmen, designers and inventors to look at his extraordinary life from the perspective of spirituality and the Law of Attraction. Written with great intelligence, insight and sensitivity, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is wonderfully thought provoking and what makes it so refreshing is that it’s a completely different read from what’s already out there about two well-loved topics. Highly recommended – it will get you thinking!”


Dr. R. A. Benson, Executive Director at Legions of Light Foundation says:

 While the Law of Attraction has obtained the notoriety of a newly discovered concept, it is a fundamental law that is said to go back as far as creation itself. The self-help undertone of “Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective,” is delivered in a unique and engaging way uncommon for books on this spiritual law. This book illustrates clearly for the reader how powerful focus and intent can change lives, no matter what situation a person is faced with.

Law of attraction, the vortex and the gap

Settings: Saturday, lots of time to do whatever I want, beautiful scenery outside, beautiful people inside and me contemplating Law of attraction, the Vortex and the gap.


Getting to the bottom of the primary desire means to feel in your gut that no matter what you want, in term of health, possessions, relationships or status what you really want is to feel good!

Going deep, deep to the roots of any desire gets you not only to the understanding that is good to feel good, but that is your right and is who you are!


I think I have been listening so much to Abraham-Hicks on Law of attraction, the vortex and the gap, it resonates so deep within me that the words of Abraham become my words … or vice-versa. This is funny because anyone wants to be original, me included :P.


What I want to do here is to focus my understanding and feeling of Law of attraction, the vortex and the gap so keenly that there is no possibility for me to deviate too much when interacting with people and situations.

I love diversity!

 It is what gives us the choice,

what makes the focus important,

what contributes to your expansion

“I don’t want world alignment, I want diversity! I only want alignment between me and my dream!” – perfect words of Abraham, resonating with me.


There was a time when I decided not to have desires.

The pain I felt I assigned it to the unfulfilled desires and I decided not to want! Too many limitations, too many hurdles everywhere around, there is no way to desire something and to be happy, because being fulfilled could not possible be. I wanted freedom so much that I was ready to die for it anytime!

I was 18 years old when the Revolution began in Romania. The need for freedom was big to the sky in me: I wouldn’t care if I would get myself killed; I knew it cannot continue like this, something has to give!


For sure I wasn’t the only one feeling like that; the current of the collective desire was so strong that could not be bucked by anything! Law of attraction made it so that the oppressed we felt, more oppression came, the needy we felt the more neediness arouse, the Gap was huge, the Vortex was swirling rapidly, so strong that it overflowed on that day of December 1989! The Revolution erupted!

 Law of Attraction, The Vortex and the gap

I look back now and for the first time in many years I feel the understanding and the appreciation of what happened.

People were killed, government changed, a 97% majority of the population voted for another communist: Ion Iliescu!

I kept feeling the oppression, the lies, the GAP!

Now I understand, and understanding is so sweet!


All these years, the oppression, the lack of basic things, people worth nothing, the gap, the vortex swirling, made the Law of Attraction to keep assembling matching components!


This is law of attraction at work!


The desire made it so that the Revolution erupted, but the gap could not really be filled: too much of a distance between were we were and what is in the Vortex for this country!


After almost a quarter of a century we make moves up the perceiving of Well-being scale, we get closer to our dream. GRADUALLY!


I am not bound by this story, unless I believe so.

I am as free as I allow myself to be and now I know things I didn’t new before: I know is my right to feel good, I know I am a worthy being, I know I am Source energy and I am sure that the rush I was feeling by being in this country, at that time and age (also ever since), was something very rarely experienced by a human being and in my love for challenge I chose this on purpose!


“I don’t want world alignment, I want diversity! I only want alignment between me and my dream!” Abraham-Hicks


I bet I am here on purpose! 😛

 I have decided to use the Law of attraction, the vortex and the gap to fully thrive myself first, and …tell others 😀

 Let’s ROCK,



Law of Attraction – gathering the cooperative components

Today is a day of JOY: Law of Attraction gathered the components AND I have a clear view! The grid is filling in!

It is Easter for Orthodox, as most of Romanians are, and a passion of mine has not only been resurrected, but I see clearly the means and ideas to express it.

Today I started to write the book I’m thinking about for a while.

The ideas are so strong and clear, I have decided to devote my undivided attention to this project.

I will take holiday leave and stay with this idea that brings me so much joy!

I’m so thrilled!


Not only I have clear view of what I want to write about, but lately I read more on writing, publishing and such. I was postponing my diving into writing because of “lack” of time …well, “lack” is never true!


Flowers, spring, ideas, JOY!


P.S. The Grid filled in and I wrote and published the eBook: “Steve Jobs and I: Law of Attraction’s Perspective”


Law of Attraction

It is Easter for Orthodox, as most of Romanians are, and a passion of mine has not only been resurrected, but I see clearly the means and ideas to express it.