Love of Life for Weds-to-be

Your Wedding Day is around the corner and there is one piece you want to make sure of: yourself feeling great in your own skin!

Take a deep breath. I know this is an exciting, yet overwhelming time.

How would it be to give yourself a half day intense relaxation time right before your wedding?

A time of deep attention toward your self, a preparation for the Big Day and the beginning of a new way of living!

Or perhaps you want to plan and be proactive with the self care all the way during the engagement…

If this is the first time you hear of including “The Secret” to the wedding plan, make sure you plan for your sanity too and let’s talk.

“The Secret” Wedding Plan Conversation

  • Get clarity on how prepared you are for wedding emotional journey
  • Find out how to plan for your INNER balance, too
  • Find out what tools can you use to set yourself up for a wonderful wedding experience 
  • Stop taking care of YOU later! Call me now!
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Plan for your sanity, too!

Let's Talk!
"My greatest fear naturally disappeared! So easy! I feel so much freer to be who I am!" Paula Cercel