Bride’s iRreverent Counseling 


 You made it! 

 Your Wedding Day is around the corner and there is one piece you want to make sure of: yourself feeling great in your own skin!

 Take a deep breath. I know this is an exciting, yet overwhelming time.

Imagine giving yourself a half day confidence coaching time right before your wedding…

Imagine giving yourself the attention you deserve in preparation for the Big Day…

Imagine  beginning your new life sure footed and clear!

Imagine experiencing a greater level of enjoyment, and maintaining your sanity through the WHOLE process of your engagement!

What’s “The Secret” to making the most important time of your life an unforgettable, low stress, deeply satisfying experience?

“My greatest fear naturally disappeared! So easy! I feel so much freer to be who I am!” Paula Cercel

“The Secret” Wedding Plan Conversation

  • Get clarity on how to feel prepared for your wedding’s emotional journey
  • Find out how to plan for your INNER balance and move forward with ease
  • Find out what tools can you use to set yourself up for a wonderful wedding experience 
  • Put your SELF first! Call me now!
Let's Talk!

Plan for your sanity, too!

Let's Talk!

“Self Care is NOT selfish, you can’t serve from an empty vessel”
Eleanor Brownn

Funnily enough, you also made it to “iRreverent for Dogma, Reverend of LOVE” 

Let’s see why!

“A principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.” reads Google on Dogma.

Beyond the religious meaning, I find dogma in the ideas and moods I’ve gotten from my parents or friends… the ones that don’t feel good, but are “true” just because “that’s how it is” … Did that happen to you, too? To hear your mother scolding you in your thoughts?

I’ve got to get MY voice out, or lose it… and that’s why I became iReverent. I am MY authority!

iRreverent for all that’s imposed, laid on you even before your memory was formed … you store those memories in your body and they come to play when mostly when something is about to change.

That’s why and when you fear the other shoe will drop…

That’s dogma… and it’s effective

But not as effective as your true Voice, as your pure Essence!

And that’s why you’re here… To have me remind you of YOU.

To remind you how much you crave yourself and your own

  • Acceptance
  • Love
  • Time
  • Dedication

I’m for uncovering dogma and getting you to express that unicity of yours, not the voices waking you up at night telling you you’re inappropriate this way and that way or that you’ve done something wrong.

That’s not your unique essence! You don’t even have to find out whose voice is, all you have to do is regain authority for YOU, and say to yourself what feels good to you.That’s the conditioning you came here to transform with your very own existence, with who you really are!

You don’t have to do this all on your own. Well, not at all!

Let me take this journey with you and provide you with a safe haven for getting clarity on what YOU want, honroring what’s important to YOU in the midst of expectations, standing up for what YOU need, and feeling good about it ALL!

By being who you are, you’re doing so much for everyone!

Let yourself speak up without being afraid and practice your roar in a judgement-free zone with me!

You will learn what it takes to create the wedding you WANT, and take this into the rest of your life!

That’s why I’m here! And that’s why you’re here!

I designed tools to get more of YOU in your life!

Otherwise is not YOUR life!

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Cristina is the real deal! Her coaching is powerful and she offers an enormous breadth of practical experience combined with wisdom and intuition. The way she helped me gain clarity about my over all goal was amazing and it provided me with tangible next steps, and hope for the future! She has an uncanny way of reading between the lines and picking up on small details that can make a huge difference in the overall bigger picture. Her guidance to help me break things down into small manageable pieces was so valuable and it gave me increased confidence to move forward. She has a gift for creating a beautiful space and providing the exact emotional support that is needed. I would recommend Cristina to anyone who is about to step into a new chapter in their lives and who wants to do it with strength and a sense of inner peace.
Julie Veitch CPCC, Inner Core Coaching
Dr. Cristina's package allowed me to gracefully move quickly through the trauma of the death of my husband. I can’t explain it, but I know that my grief process was and still feels minimal.
Linda B.
I got reconnected with my inner self. Dr. Cristina helped me to get back in touch with ME and my feelings. As a result I relearned how to love myself, take care of myself and be there for me. I learned to listen to the language of my body again, receiving information and colors.
Sabina Ottowitz