"Steve Jobs and I"
Law of Attraction's Perspective
by Cristina Corban

You are about to embark on a journey with a
- different perspective. You can call it a spiritual journey,
-a journey of self- improvement,
-a biography

My intention with this book is to share a perspective on life, a perspective that will make you feel good inside and will Enhance your personal worthiness!

Steve Jobs has inspired me and we will be looking at
- his life as well as aspects of
- my own life as a case study,
using the lens detailed in The
Premise to see how
“like attracts like” or how
 Law of Attraction affects our lives!

What People Are Saying:

  • Dr. Robert A. Benson

    Executive Director at Legions of Light Foundation

    This book has the heart of a biography--about Steve Jobs, the soul of a autobiography--about the author, as well as the physique of an inspirational text--about what is possible in the lives of all that possess a vision with the dedication to achieve their goals, and pursue their heart's desires.

  • Julie Veitch

    Founder Inner Core Coaching

    This book connects me to the Author Cristina Corban, to Steve Jobs, to the vision inside of me that is awaiting to be awakened and manifested and most importantly, to All that IS. It leaves me knowing on a deeper level that both Steve Jobs and I are more than meets the eye.

  • Richard Parenti

    t incorporates the teachings of the laws of the universe, and more, and how they are successfully applied in the business world in a most heartfelt way. If you want to know how great men like Steve Jobs, Bill Hewlettt and Bill Packard built their fortunes using the laws of the universe, then this is a must read.

So What’s The Book About?

Watch The Video Below To Find Out.

About The Author

Having been born under a dictatorship in Romania, Cristina Corban persevered to achieve against the odds. 

She was one of over a hundred thousand standing in protest in the central square of Bucharest in 1989! Bullets were being fired upon them as some of her friends fell in martyrdom. She once said, "We would rather have died than not have our freedom!"

She accomplished much of her early success while having grown up in a hopeless political climate. She became a Physician and then after 10 years of medical practice, went back to the University changing her career to Geophysical Engineer.

She practice following her heart and she has made important changes to align with happiness. She believes joy is our natural state and the pursuit of happiness brings people closer to their purpose in life. 

During her entire life she has inspired others, not only as a professional but as a driven business person in the fledging democracy in Romania all along being a inspirational professional.

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